Cell coverage mapping

If your large building has bad coverage

  • Assess the coverage to plan the most cost effective remediation
  • Verify the problem areas for each carrier
  • Define levels needed for remediation
  • Find out the cause of bad coverage: Low signal vs signal quality vs congestion
  • Collect data needed for carrier coordination
  • Perform 3rd party acceptance test after DAS deployment
  • find sources of interference
  • Following a site survey we will design a solution to remediate the signal coverage in the frequency bands of interest, and you will receive a proposal for a turnkey deployment to resolve the coverage issues. In most cases the cost of the survey is credited back on the deployment.

If you already have a DAS system

  • Know if your existing DAS is still operating optimally
  • Find causes of poor performance
  • Define what upgrades are most beneficial Have a 3rd party independent assessment

If you are deploying a DAS system

  • Have an independent 3rd party perform an acceptance test
  • Verify that best practices are being adopted
  • Record a baseline for future maintenance